This year marks the thirtieth anniversary of the VLSI-TSA and ninth anniversary of VLSI-DAT conference. Our conference predated the rise of the semiconductor industry in Taiwan and witnessed the rise of the semiconductor foundry that transformed the electronics industry worldwide. With the growing of IC design industry in Taiwan, VLSI-DAT was spun-off from VLSI-TSA in 2005. We are proud to have played an important, nurturing role in this whole development. We appreciate all the committee members, speakers, authors and participants whose contributions make the conference one of the most successful events in the world.
The three-day overlapped 2013 VLSI-TSA and VLSI-DAT were held from 22-24 at the Ambassador Hotel in Hsinchu, Taiwan. To continue the tradition of providing a forum for circuit designers and technology experts, two conferences co-organized two joint-special topic sessions on the first and second days of the conference to stimulate interactions between design and technology communities.
2013 VLSI-DAT TPC co-chairs, Prof. Li-C. Wang (Left) and Prof. Ming-Der Shieh (Right) gave the program report and introduction of joint keynote in the opening ceremony.
4G Communications and Beyond
Mobile devices are still the driving force of industry growth. Mobile communication technology remains a crucial topic. The “4G Communications and Beyond” special sessions composed of five invited speeches from Europe (ST-Ericsson), the USA (Skyworks Solutions and Peregrine Semiconductor) and Asia (ITRI and NEC) was organized to explore various aspects of mobile communication, from technology through design to system integration.
As CMOS technologies have shrunk to the scale of tens of nanometers, reliability and aging problems have emerged as a major challenge. The “Reliability” special session featured four distinguished industrial researchers and academia experts from the USA, explored the challenges of technologies, circuits and systems.
Special Luncheon Talk
A lunch presentation was given by Henri Holm, Senior Vice President Asia Operations of Rovio Entertainment Ltd. about the trendy topic, Apps and the upcoming Angry Bird Toons.
Henri Holm, Senior Vice President Asia Operations of Rovio Entertainment Ltd., as the luncheon talk speaker, shared the successful experience of the trendy topic, Apps and the upcoming Angry Bird Toons.
Plenary Presentations
Also remarkable this year were the two keynote talks at the TSA-DAT joint plenary session on M2M: Challenges and Opportunities, by Vida Ilderem, Intel and Innovations in Healthcare and Semiconductor, by Diego Olego of Philips Healthcare, as well as plenary speeches by Professor Thomas Lee of Stanford University and VP and CTO, Ted Chang, of Quanta Computer Inc..
Dr. Vida Ilderem of Intel talks about “M2M: Challenges and Opportunities”. Dr. Diego Olego of Philips Healthcare speaking on “Innovations in Healthcare and Semiconductor” during the Joint Plenary session.
VLSI-DAT keynote, VP and CTO, Ted Chang of Quata Computer Inc. talks about “In and Out of the Cloud”. The other VLSI-DAT keynote, Professor Thomas Lee of Stanford University talks about “Terahertz Electronics: Opportunities, Challenges and Technologies”.
2012 VLSI-DAT Best Paper Award
Selected from 135 submissions, the two 2012 VLSI-DAT Best Paper Award winners were:

“IMITATOR: A Deterministic Multicore Replay System with Refining Techniques”
Co-Authors: Shing-Yu Chen, Chi-Neng Wen, Geng-Hau Yang, Wen-Ben Jone and Tien-Fu Chen, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
“A Monolithic 1.85GHz 2-stage SiGe Power Amplifier with Envelope Tracking for Improved Linear Power and Efficiency”
Co-Authors: Ruili Wu, Yan Li, Jerry Lopez and Donald Y. C. Lie, Texas Tech University, USA
The awards were presented by Prof. Shye-Jye Jou, the Technical Program Committee co-chair of 2011 VLSI-DAT and General co-chair of 2012 VLSI-DAT to both representatives of the award-winning papers.
Mr. Shing-Yu Chen (Left) receiving the VLSI-DAT Best Paper Award from Prof. An-Yeu Wu, the Technical Program Committee co-chair of 2012 VLSI-DAT and General co-chair of 2013 VLSI-DAT.
VLSI-TSA and VLSI-DAT committees toast for the success of both symposia.
In 2013, the symposium had attracted 145 submissions that represent original work on the latest advances in the area of VLSI design, design automation and testing. After peer review and Technical Program Committee meeting, 70 papers have been selected for oral and poster presentation in fourteen technical sessions and one poster session .Two joint short courses covered RF IC/Devices and Memory, along with one DAT short course covered New Design Automation technologies were presented by distinguished experts, Prof. Jung-Chih Chiao of University of Texas – Arlington, Prof. Thierry Taris of IMS Lab in Bordeaux, France, Prof. Ken Takeuchi of Chuo University, Prof. Leland Chang of IBM, Prof. Yiyu Shi of Missouri University of Science and Technology and Prof. Guojie Luo of Peking University.

Apart from the technical sessions, 2013 VLSI-DAT also carried out a cocktail reception, which was a wonderful occasion for all attendees to further interact with their newly-made friends at the conference in the early hours. This year, delegates of the conference enjoyed a series of songs performed by Herb Jazz, an active Jazz band with remarkable experiences. The classic songs, including Close to you, Can’t take my eyes off you, What a wonderful world…etc., made the evening more joyful.
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